Butterfly Tattoos

There is something about butterfly tattoos that makes them really special and if you landed on this website I bet you agree with me. It is not that they’re just cute, they have that uplifting and spiritual feeling about them. It encompasses the celebration of ongoing change and metamorphoses towards ever greater perfection. The image of butterfly is very powerful in Greek mythology. I bet you did not know that in Hellenic world the same word referred both to the soul and butterfly.
Although they are more popular among girls, guys who are self-confident enough and do not feel the constant urge to prove they are real man choose butterfly tattoos too. And I must say that in my personal opinion this is far from the worst choice a guy could make, especially if it is done in the right spot using the right technique.
Before you start looking for an exact picture you would like to see on your skin every day, you must answer a couple of questions. First of all, do you want the butterfly to be realistic, or do you prefer its wings filled with fantastic images? Second, do you want it black and grey or are you more likely to opt for a colorful image? If you want your tattoo to be realistic, I suggest that after checking out our gallery you also give it some time to go through encyclopedias and visit the websites that are dedicated to this species. You might also want to consider finding a good 3D tattoo artist: the best of them can make your butterfly look as if it is about to take off from your skin and fly away.
Now if you are not particularly interested in realistic butterfly tattoos, you can use our gallery to find the butterfly shape that you want and then fill its wings with whatever you like: stars and planets, urban images and wild sceneries, fictional characters or even human faces. If you find a really good tattoo artist he will help you combine your ideas into one coherent masterpiece. This way you will have a tattoo that is really one of a kind. To start up your imagination, go ahead and check out our gallery of butterfly tattoos! I bet that it will help you come up with some great ideas. Or maybe you will even find the exact tattoo you want!

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