Biomechanical Tattoos

Thanks for choosing this gallery of biomechanical tattoos! I have a suspicion that that not all of our visitors are well aware of what kind of body art the term “biomechanical” actually refers to. So before going any further, I am going to provide a simple definition: in the broadest sense, biomechanical art could be defined as any art featuring biological and mechanical motifs. If you have seen the movie Star Track (any of them), think about the “Borg”. Pipes, tubes and wires are all common features of biomechanical tattoos.
When trying to describe this style of designs, some people note that they are depicting the way our bodies would look like if we were all cyborg. This might seem like a pretty narrow theme, but the truth is it opens an endless source of inspiration for the tattoo artists. While nobody really knows how the body of a cyborg would be design, the space for interpretation remains unlimited. Of course, few people go as far as to make most of their bodies look as some sort of biomechanical machine. Most of us choose biomechanical tattoos that cover only a party of an arm, leg or back. Nevertheless, it is true to say that this kind of designs look best when they are relatively large.
If you have a boss who is very conservative when it comes to the looks of his employees, a biomechanical palm tattoo is not an option for you. However, this does not mean that you should not consider getting a tattoo of this style at all. For example, a biomechanical tattoo that covers the shin would be a classic and riskless choice for men. At least as long as they are not planning on going to the business meeting wearing shorts… Women, to the contrary, should not consider choosing this spot, unless they are willing to give up the skirts or start wearing thickest tights during the summer heat. As for them, I would recommend placing biomechanical tattoos on the back. This way their secret would be safe at work and easy to show off after the business hours (blouses revealing the back are a timeless choice).
Now here is one more thing you should know before you start looking at our gallery of biomechanical tattoos: do not be afraid to experiment and enrich the design with motifs that are neither biological nor mechanical!

Best Biomechanical Open Bones Tattoo Ideas

Biomechanical Shin Tattoo Ideas

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