Tribal tattoos

If you landed on this website looking for some tribal tattoos, I assume you are planning on getting one yourself. This is an important decision, so I think before you sit down on the tattoo master’s chair you should know a few things. Tribal tattoos have been popular for centuries. They hail from different cultures all over the world, from the West to the East. In each of these cultures they have (or had) different meanings: in some they are believed to protect from evil spirits and demonic possessions, in others they served as indicators of one’s talents, social status, faith and/or skill.
It was not uncommon for the process of making a tattoo to be followed (or proceeded) by the sacred ritual, that included praying and chanting. Some of these traditions have survived and are still nurtured in the tribes that live far away from the civilized world as we know it. People who want to get a unique tattoo and authentic experience travel hundreds of kilometers form their homes to visit the real masters of tribal tattoos, men who actually belong to a certain tribe and are familiar with its symbolism. If you can’t afford such a trip, the least you should do before getting inked is to learn about the top 5 tribal tattoo styles and designs.
So I present you the first of them: Maori. This is the name of the tribe native to New Zealand. Spikes and spirals, as well as stylized male faces and female lips, are characteristic to this style. Traditionally, Maori tattoos were made using a bone of albino, but as for the day artists use more sophisticated, modern techniques. The second type of tattoos consists of Hawaiian, Tahitian, Samoan and Tonga designs, commonly referred to as Polynesian. You should also know about Borneo style, which originates from a few African tribes and is characterized by various naturalistic elements. The forth major style of tribal tattoos is Haida and the last but not the least – Native American. Now that you have the basic information, go ahead and check out our gallery!