Tree tattoos

Tree tattoos are quite popular among people who look for the meaning in life. In different cultures and traditions trees have different significance, but there is one thing in common – throughout the world they are treated with respect. I guess this is why the popularity of tree tattoos is not limited to one particular country, region or culture. It is also kind of a timeless chose: tree tattoos are just as popular today as they were a hundred o years ago (not in the absolute numbers, though), and there is no good reason to believe that their popularity is going to decrease in the future. So if you choose this kind of tattoo, at least you can be sure that it won’t go out of fashion. There is yet another reason why is it unlikely that you would have to regret getting a tree tattoo in years to come: unlike most tattoos based on geometric shapes and symmetric patterns, they tend to age really gracefully.
Having in mind that the tattoos in topic have been popular all over the world for centuries, it seems natural that there are plenty of designs to choose from. The problem is, an overwhelming amount of options makes it almost impossible to carry an efficient (time saving and benefit maximizing) research. To help you solve this problem, I am going to name three basic styles of tree tattoos. Once you decide which one you like most, you can narrow down your search and find the design you want before you get old.
So where do we start? I think the most popular style is tree of life tattoos, which represent the endless cycle of life and death. There are also Celtic tree tattoos, famous for their rich history and symbolism. While the knotted branches of such trees go straight to heavens, their roots reach for the underworld. I know, it sounds a bit dark… If you want to make your Celtic tattoo more vivid and joyful, you can add some colors, birds and even elves jumping under the branches. The last type of tree tattoos is actually my favorite and it portrays cherry blossoms. This kind of designs is usually very graceful, elegant and has a scent of spring and innocent joy about them. I hope this information will help you decide, no go ahead and check out our gallery!