Traditional tattoos

The concept traditional tattoos has at least two meanings. In some contexts it refers to the most popular styles of tattoos. And what would be those? Well first of all there is fine line black and gray. This style was born in East Los Angeles and reached the peak of popularity in the 1970s. It is great for large, life-like pictures, but small fine-lien black and gray tattoos look pretty good too. The other popular styles include biochemical (usually used for sci-fi and steampunk inspired designs), Asian (I think each and every one of us has seen a tattoo depicting cherry blooms – along with the dragon, this is one of the most typical examples of Asian style designs) and tribal (this category encompasses variety of sub-styles, such as native American or Maori).
Now if the tem traditional tattoos is used in a more narrow sense, it usually refers to old school tattoos. The popularization of this style is widely associated with a man named Norman Collins and better known as Sailor Jack. Born in 1911, Jack joined the navy at the age of 19. His tattoo designs, which often included booze bottles, wild cats, women and were obviously influence by Japanese arts , were extremely popular among sailors.
As long as we are speaking about traditional tattoos in this narrow sense, I would point out five types of designs that are just as popular today as they were in the early 19th century. The first of these types depicts mermaids, mythological creatures that are said to lure men into their evil trap. Although mermaids are far from pleasant and kindhearted, their beauty makes them a perfect inspiration for old school tattoo designs. Another symbol reoccurring in traditional tattoos is an anchor. Although from the first sight anchor seems to be a simple tool used to keep ships stable, it has a broader meaning. It symbolizes stability, strength and commitment in life. This is why matching anchor tattoos are so popular among couples.
Nautical star is yet another popular design ascribed to this category. Although it was primarily worn by sailors, nowadays this guiding star is extremely popular among all sorts of travelers. Is yours spirit constantly longing for broad horizons and the excitement of a journey? If the answer is “yes”, nautical star might be the most suitable design for you. Of course, there are more options and you will see them if you check out our gallery of traditional tattoos!