Tattoos for women

If you are looking for tattoos for women you are at the right place. Here on this website I have collected some of the greatest feminine tattoo designs that there is. Some of them are really subtle and elegant, while the others are a bit more provocative, some are tiny and some are rather large. So no matter which kind of tattoos for women in particular you prefer, I am sure that our gallery won’t disappoint you.
Now before you go ahead and start looking at the pictures, let’s talk about how female tattoos came into existence. Scientists believe that it all started thousands of years ago. In some early civilizations and tribes tattoos were used so the qualities of certain woman were easier to identify. For example, if the female exiled at preparing food, sewing of any other daily task, she deserved a tattoo on her forehead (just like some sort of scout badge) which signified this for men. Surely, today this kind of tattoos for women seems extremely demeaning and insulting. A post modern man would probably describe it as another act of objectifying women. However, this was the world thousands of years before feminism came into existence and back on the day women were actually pretty happy to wear these tattoos. Are you wondering why? The answer is pretty simple: these tattoos increased their chances of getting a good husband.
As years went by, the tradition we have just talked about was forgotten. In fact, it was not so long ago that female tattoos were considered socially unacceptable. Back than the popular opinion suggested that tattoos are for sailors, prisoners and prostitutes. Hence, if a woman got inked everybody jumped to the conclusion that she belongs to the later of these categories. Unfortunately, I cannot say that these narrow minded people have died out completely and now negative opinions about tattooed females are extinct from the society. However, they are no longer dominant.
Today most people understand that tattoo is a form of art and women has the right to get one, just like men. Of course, it is not just like any other forms of art. When the painting on your wall starts irritating you can take it down without any trouble at all. When the song or the whole band no longer gives you pleasure you just quit listening to it and find something else. And what do you do when you no longer want a tattoo? You get laser treatment, which is pricy, painful and not always 100% effective. So before you get ink into your skin, make sure you really want it. Now go ahead and take a look at our tattoos for women!