Tattoo ideas for men

If you are looking for tattoo ideas for men, I bet you are about to get a tattoo yourself. I already have a few of them in my skin and I don’t think I am going to stop there, so of course, I do support your plan. However, you should not underestimate the importance of this decision and to give it some time to really think it through. Are you sure your fascination with tattoos is not a passing thing? Have you always wanted a tattoo or is it just something that hit you yesterday, when you saw that cool tattooed guy walking down the street? If getting a tattoo has been among your plans for a long time, you should definitely get one. But before that there are a couple of important questions to answer: what kind of tattoo design should you choose and where should you place it? I know that neither of these questions is easy and this is why I am going to provide you with some of the coolest tattoo ideas for men. I hope it will help you make up your mind.
So where do we start? Billow on this same window you will find the gallery that contains tens of tattoo designs. Among them you will find some tribal tattoos and tattoos with words in foreign (not English) languages. I have included them because they were extremely popular in the 90s, but honestly, I don’t think that they should count as cool tattoo ideas for men. Tribal tattoos look pretty good (at least for some people), but I don’t think it is a smart decision to get a symbol of the tribe that you don’t actually belong to (and probably know nothing about). The similar critique goes to tattoos in foreign languages: they are pretty damn risky, especially when it comes to eastern languages and hieroglyphs. Chinese and Japanese people often burst with laughter when they see Americans and Europeans with tattoos in their native languages and that is for a reason: in many cases these “meaningful phrases” are just random words. So it is not difficult to imagine a situation where you think that you are getting a symbol that means “strength”, but it actually says “noodles”.
Some of the designs you are going to find in this gallery are meant to be really huge (they are very detailed, thus the tattoo artists would not manage to scale them down), but the others are not that eccentric. I thought you might want a tattoo that would be easy to cover under the shirt (even if you like rolling up your sleeves). But it is better to see once then to be told ten times, so go ahead and check out our gallery of tattoo ideas for men!