Tattoo gallery

If you were looking or a cool tattoo gallery, you are on the right website. Our team has worked pretty hard to collect all the best tattoo designs that have ever been created: we have looked through tens of online pages that offer this kind of images and selected the best of them. This job took longer than expected and cost quite a lot of nerves (who could have known there are so many sh***y tattoo designs and so many people dumb enough to get them inked?), but we don’t have any regrets. After all, we have created an extensive tattoo gallery that will be helpful for thousands of people.
So what do we have here? This tattoo gallery contains male and female, old-school and modern, colored and black & gray, big and small designs, so no matter what you are looking for, I am pretty sure you will find something that suits your taste and style. Are you a gay? If the answer is positive, you might consider choosing one of the “classic” man tattoos, such as a snake (this charmer represents sex and plenty of sinister traits; it is always associated with temptation due to the role of the serpent in Bible, but this is not the only viable interpretation: example, if you combine a snake with a scull it will represent immortality), dragon (some women say that these creatures are just like men – they are mystical beasts, so if you agree with this, you might look cool with the tattoo of a dragon wrapped around your chest, neck, arm or leg) or tribal tattoo (but if you decide to go with this option you have to be careful – great tribal tattoo artists are pretty rare so you might end up traveling a couple of hundred kilometers).
Another type o designs you are going to find in a tattoo gallery are old-school tattoos. These include anchors (which symbolize stability, for example in the relationship and strength), nautical stars (this is a classical navy tattoo which was supposed to bring the luck and guide sailors through the journey), banners (the text might range from “Mom” and “Homeward Bound” to “Love. Kills. Slowly.”), temptresses (paintings of ladies who have a bosom and are not afraid to flaunt it; they are usually quite large and are more popular among the men, but ladies who see themselves as the temptresses go with this kind of designs too). We also have some spiritual tattoos that will represent you faith, worldview and principles that guide you. I could keep naming types of tattoos you might consider choosing, but I guess there is no point in doing it, when you can just go ahead and see our tattoo gallery!