Star tattoos

Thanks for choosing this gallery of star tattoos! Here on this website you are going to find some of the most inspiring designs that have ever been created. Each of these designs is unique, but the image of the star reappears in each of them. In fact, stars are among the most common symbols in tattoos. And have you ever wondered why? Well here is an answer…
Star tattoos can have plenty of meanings and in each case they have a special feeling about them. Getting a tattoo of this kind is a great way to express your soaring and sparkling spirit. Plus, have you ever seen anything more beautiful than a starry night? From the most famous painters, poets and composers, to scientists, workers and homeless – not a single person with a beating heart is able to resist the beauty of the night. There is a reason why stars are often compared to the eyes of beloved ones – we never get tired from looking at either of them. There is a reason why when you are feeling low you want to walk into the night and wonder for a little, until your mind settles down. Somehow stars just make us feel calm, peacefull, full of joy and hope. There is no wander that people want to carry a piece of this cosmic beauty and harmony wherever they go… And this is exactly why they choose star tattoos.
As you already know, star tattoos come in all styles, sizes and shapes. Although generally this is a good thing, sometimes variety of options just makes it impossible to choose. Thus before you go ahead and start browsing our gallery, let me describe you the main types of star tattoos.
First of all there are fallen and shooting stars. They symbolize the most precious and fragile moments of our lives: the ones that we wait for so long and that pass so fast. So if you want to celebrate the fragility of presence, this might be the tattoo for you to do. Similarly, shooting star tattoo could be perfect if you want the tattoo to symbolize success or to work as a motivator in your daily battles. The designs that feature nautical stars were originaly worn by the sailors, but it also represents the spirit who longs for traveling, no matter through the seas, skies or mountains. You want to learn about other types of star tattoos? Than go ahead and check out our gallery!