Small tattoos

If you are looking for small tattoos, I assume you understand one simple and yet important truth: a tattoo does not have to be large to have impact. Even the tiniest of them can carry big and beaautiful meaning. There is one more thing about small tattoos that I really like: they will never stand as an obstacle in your career, even if you choose an office job or try to reach the heights of career in some field were you could benefit from an image of a “traditionalist”.
If the reason why you decided to pick a tiny tattoo design is that you don’t want it to attract too much attention or to be visible for strangers at all, the inner side of your wrist is a perfect spot to place it. This way you can easily cover it with jewelry or watch. In fact, I know a lawyer who has a small tattoo of a spider on an outer side of his wrist. None of his colleagues knows this, because he is always wearing a watch to the job. But he can see the tattoo whenever he wants and it is open for everyone’s eyes once he gets back from work.
Before you start looking at our gallery, let’s discuss some of the greatest ideas for small tattoo designs. If you want something that would have a meaning and relate to your personality, I suggest you go with your zodiac sign. Most people go with symbols and icons, but if you want something more original here is an idea for you: use constellations to mark your birth sign. If you ask the tattoo artist to mark the stars with simple dots instead of traditional angular figures, from the first sight people won’t understand that you have a tattoo at all! And if you want the meaning to be less obscure, connect the bigger dots with dotted line. If you are a romantic, moon or heart could make a perfect tattoo for you. You could also use initials, those of your own or of your beloved ones, so you would always feel their presence. It is not a bad idea to get a simple word that means a lot to you, such as “Love”, “Hope” or “Mother” inked on your skin too, but I prefer anagrams.
You will get more ideas for small tattoos once you check out our gallery. I hope you like it!