Rose tattoos

Thanks for choosing this gallery of rose tattoos! Have you ever wondered why flower tattoos are so popular among women? This is not just because they are cute and feminine. They also have that special feeling of innocence and promise about them, they look graceful and elegant. Moreover, most flower tattoos have a beautiful meaning. For example, Lotus’ petals symbolize enlightenment in Buddhist tradition, while daisies are usually associated with cheerfulness, joy and peace. But there is one particular flower that features in the tattoos designs more often than any other – it is a rose.
And why is it rose tattoos that became so popular among female? Well at least in Western culture it is a real queen of flowers that is mentioned in more poems than any other one. Even Shakespeare wrote about it: “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. Our feelings about roses have not changed much since the day this extraordinary poet has lived: we still consider them the fairest of flowers. And what is great about rose tattoos is that they can have variety of meanings. If you combine these flowers and cross they make a perfect memorial tattoo. And a rose along with the name could be the greatest way to express your passion and commitment to your partner. The meaning of rose tattoos also depends on the colors chosen: for example, the yellow ones represent friendship and loyalty, while red rose is a symbol of passion.
I guess we should not underplay the importance of the fact that rose pictures are the kind of tattoos that most men like on women too. It is not hard to understand why: as we have already mentioned, these flowers are widely associated with passion. Plus, if combined with the right symbols they might represent feminine beauty and fragility. I hope that this information helped you realize what kind of design you really want. Does your perfect design feature roses? If the answer is positive, go ahead and take a look at our gallery of rose tattoos!