Owl tattoos

Thanks for choosing this gallery of owl tattoos! Many people choose animalistic tattoo designs to signify their personal features (for example, lion tattoo represents the courageous spirit) or to strengthen the bond with nature. A lot of them choose bird tattoos, as most species of these winged creatures are associated with freedom of spirit and mind. But there are only a couple of bird species that are widely and unambiguously associated with wisdom and magic – cows and owls. In this article we are going to talks about the later of them and owl tattoos. A little below this text you will find a gallery with various designs, but before you get there, I think you should know a few things.
First of all, it would be wrong if you got a tattoo of an owl without even knowing the basic facts about this bird. So here comes some information. Owls belong to the Srigiformes group of birds. Out of more than 200 species of owls, almost all are nocturnal: they spend the days sleeping and the nights hunting. Their daily diets consist of insects, small birds and in some cases – fish. While absolute majority of owl species only becomes alive as the darkness falls down, there are a few of them that hunt during twilight hours, both at dusk and down. This is why I think that owl tattoo would be a great option for the fans of Twilight series.
Speaking about the types of people that opt for owl tattoos… As far as I have noticed they are most popular among people dedicated for science and knowledge. So no matter if you have already earned your PhD or just got into college, if you cannot imagine your life without books and seriously plan on learning your whole life (although not necessarily at university or some other formal educational institution), a design with an owl could be a perfect choice for you – especially if you combine it with an apple (another symbol of wisdom, which, as in a Bible, sometimes comes with a huge price) or a graduation cap.
All of you who love fantasy books such as Harry Potter series, magical movies and witch/wizard characters should pay attention to owl tattoos too. This is a much better way to introduce the world with your greatest passion than to get a tattoo that reads “I Love Harry Potter” (yes, unfortunately I have seen a tattoo like that).