Neck tattoos

Neck tattoos are almost just as popular as hand tattoos. Personally, I don’t have any trouble understanding why: they just look great, especially if the chosen design has a vertical axe of symmetry. Tribal tattoos, various symmetric naturalistic ornaments, crosses, hearts and flowers – they all look great on the neck. Non-symmetric tattoos, such as dragons or cherry blossoms, look perfect on this spot too. However, before you go ahead and check out the gallery of neck tattoos we have on this website, you should think about one major problem that might occur for you in the future.
To be more particular, you should think whether the tattoo you choose won’t become an obstacle in your career. As the years go by, tattoos are slowly gaining acceptance in wider society and the employers are getting more liberal on this account. Luckily, people who think that a tattoo on a person’s body is a clear sign that he is a criminal and cannot be expected to do any good are getting fewer in numbers. Despite that, it is obvious that some particular fields have not been affected by liberal ideas. For example, it looks like in the military we have been walking backwards for the past few years. Whether you have heard it or not, the law came out that forbids visible tattoos in the army. Fortunately, man and women who already had tattoos below the elbows or on the neck were allowed to remain in their positions. But the new people with tattoos that can’t be covered with hot-season uniforms are not welcome.
I guess that not many of the people who are reading this text about neck tattoos are actually planning on joining the army. But military is not the only field where tattoos are frowned upon, if not forbidden. In fact, visible ink paintings could stop you from getting a job at any office. If you are a female, neck tattoo should not be much of a problem for you: you could simply grow your hair and get a hairstyle that would cover it. As for guys, hiding this kind of tattoo during the job interview might be a bit more complicated. Unless you are willing to walk out of the office backwards, facing your interviewer. But I guess this trick would not work for long too. So these are things to consider, but if you really like neck tattoos – what a heck, go ahead and get one!