Music tattoos

Thanks for choosing this gallery of music tattoos! If you landed on this website, I bet you are quite into music yourself. Do you play some instrument, compose music or just love listening to it? Whichever is the case, I completely understand your wish to express your hobby in a form of body art. However, you should keep in mind that tattoo art is not much like any other type of art in a sense that it is permanent. It is not like some sort of painting which could be thrown away or the song that could be turned off. If you decide to get one of the music tattoos it will remain with you forever. But I believe that you have already thought it all through, so let’s not linger on this question any longer.
As you might know, music tattoos come in all shapes, styles and sizes. Some of the most popular designs include notes, treble clef, staff, verses and so on. There are also tattoos depicting instruments, such as guitar, violin, piano keyboard, saxophone, drums and etc. If you are playing one of these instruments, or any other, maybe getting its shape inked on your skin would not be such a bad idea. While gathering photos for this gallery, I have also seen some really cool tattoos depicting old-school music types, microphones, headphones and even the faces of famous singers. As about the least of these tattoo design types, I do not recommend you getting one of them. Your passion for a certain musician might fade away and then you will be left with a face of a stranger on your skin. It is way less likely that your passion for music in general will disappear, thus it is less risky to get an abstract music tattoo.
Now here is one more thing that I really like about music tattoos. Some of them, such as notes and treble clefs, look great even when they are tiny. Thus you can get a small scale tattoo of a few notes on a staff (or something similar), without having to worry that a tattoo like this might stand in a way of your career. If, however your future boss decides you should get rid of your music tattoo, you can simply remove it by laser without having to take a loan to pay for treatment!