Mermaid tattoos

Thanks for choosing this gallery of mermaid tattoos! Swimming through the blue seas and casting spells on sailors with their natural beauty and enchanting songs, mermaids have always been the subjects of legends and myths… Well at least as long as we can remember. Thus I guess we should not be surprised that these fictional (as far as I know) creatures have also started to feature in tattoo designs.
At first mermaid tattoos have been popular among the sailors only. However, as for the day this kind of designs is a popular choice both among women and men from all sorts of professional fields. Again, this should not surprise us. Mermaids symbolize way more than just the sea with all its beauty and dangers. These mythical creatures represent temptation, sensuality, double nature and other things that we encounter or struggle with in our daily lives. If mermaid tattoos seem like a viable option for you and you are planning to get one inked on your skin, you will have to learn more about their symbolic meaning. So let’s start from the beginning…
First of all, the tattoo depicting a mermaid is a classic ode to the sea. As you already know, scientists believe that all the life has once come to the sore out of the deep, dark waters. And you don’t have to be a sailor to miss the sea, our primordial home. Whether still and peaceful or turbulent, water is always tempting. If you are familiar with this temptation, a tattoo depicting a mermaid could actually be perfect for you.
Second, mermaids are the symbols of beauty. According to some ancient fairytales, these creatures spend countless hours just looking at the mirrors and admiring their own reflections. Thus in some cultures they are perceived as symbols of vanity. However, this is not the only possible interpretation. In Greek mythology the image of a mermaid is absolutely positive – they are believed to be the descendents of Aphrodite, goddess of love. So if love constitutes a big part of your life, if you appreciate your youth, beauty and are not afraid to admit it – mermaid is a symbol that could really represent your personality.
And for the last part I would like to remind you that mermaid tattoos is a common choice among people who has a dual nature: sometimes peaceful and loving, sometimes vindictive and full of anger. No go ahead and check out our gallery!