Memorial tattoos

Thanks for choosing this gallery of memorial tattoos! There is hardly anything as hard as getting around the idea that a person that was close to you is now gone forever. Compared to this pain of loss, every other obstacle we have ever met, every other problem we had to solve or to get over seems like a joke. And as we all know, different people have different ways to cope with this kind of tragedies. Some try to forget and move on with their lives. The others, to the contrary, do not long for oblivion and look for the ways to memorize the person who has stepped out of this word.
To tell you the truth, I belong to the later of these categories. Finding the way to feel the presence of a beloved friend of family member who has passes away is what helps me cope with an unbearable pain. Thus I believe that memorial tattoos are generally a good thing. However, getting a tattoo like this is an important decision that is most likely to affect a person for the rest of his life, thus it should not be made in emotional heat. If you have just found out about the tragedy, it is natural that you are in a horrible pain and want to do something that might make you feel better right away. However, I suggest that you give yourself some time to grief, to cry your pain (or at least part of it) away and then think about getting a tattoo. This way you will be sure about your decision and won’t grow to regret it.
Have you already calmed down, though it all through and are absolutely sure this is a right decision? If this is the case, let’s talk about the kinds of memorial tattoos there are. As you might have already notices, roses, ribbons, candles and crosses are among the most common symbols in memorial tattoo designs. These symbols became popular for a reason – they are really powerful, thus it is absolutely understandable if you want them incorporated in your tattoo too. However, I think you would agree that the designs featuring these symbols are not particularly original or imaginative.
The best memorial tattoos are the ones that represent the personality of a person who has passed away. So think what made your beloved one so special, what his hobbies were or what has united you in the first place. This way you will be able to improve the tattoo designs suggested in our gallery!