Maori tattoos

If you have ever seen Maori tattoos, I bet you would agree that they look amazing. You haven’t heard of this tattoo style ever before and can hardly understand what are we talking about? If you are actually a bit confused, here comes an explanation…
Maori tattoos is one of the most popular styles of tribal tattoos. And what in the world are those? Well tribal tattoos came into existence hundreds of years ago and were used for variety of purposes. In some cultures they served as an indicator of one’s skills and social status, in others they were believed to save from evil spirits or bring luck, and so on. Except from Maori, there are Polynesian, Borneo, Haida, Native American and other types of tribal tattoos.
And what is so special about Maori tattoos in particular? Well first of all they look really great on skin and have a rich meaning. The most characteristic features of these tattoos are spirals and spikes, that comes together to look as stylized human faces. For the people of Maori tribe in New Zealand these tattoos are much more than just decorations. They are the form of personal identification and tell the history of the whole family. And if you want to get a grip on how important it actually is for Maori, you should know that each of them learns the history of family that goes back up to 2000 of years. In comparison, most of us barely know anything about the lives of our grand-grandparents.
Now before you go ahead and start looking at our gallery, you should know one thing. Although most of the tribes do not appreciate strangers from other cultures copying their unique tattoos, for Maori people it is the greatest insult you could possibly think of. And if you remember what I have said about the meaning of Maori tattoos it should not surprise you: these people simply react to our “habit” to copy their tattoos the way you would react to somebody stealing your identity. Can you imagine meeting the person who did that and saying “oh, I am so honored you just took my name, last name and personal history… you must really like me to imitate me like that”. I don’t think so… So if you decide to get one of Maori tattoos, be careful not to go to New Zealand. Or at least avoid the regions still inhabited by this tribe.