Love tattoos

Love tattoos have been popular for ages and I don’t think this trend is going to change in any foreseeable future. Love is one of the strongest emotions on earth, so why in the world people would not want to express it in a form of body art? Some couples decide to get love tattoos right at the beginning of their relationship. You might say it is risky and this would be a fair point. However, as a person who always lacks faith in new relationships, I find this bold move really adorable. It just shows that the two people are really committed to make the bond last forever.
Love tattoos are just as popular among couples who have been together for years. In fact, a couple of my friends who have been married for ten years and already have two kids together have just decided to get matching hearts inked on their shoulders. What makes this decision seem really romantic for me is that in the past their relationship has been far from perfect. There were times when the husband lost not only his job, but also all the family savings due to an extremely risky and unsuccessful investment; there were times when they both were unfaithful and learned about this in the most hurtful ways possible; there were days when it seemed like they are going to get the divorce just because of the influence of in-laws. But despite all this the two have stayed together. And they righteously believe that after surviving all these storms, nothing can break them apart. Do you have a beloved one with whom you are planning to spend the rest of your life, no matter what? If the answer is yes, then you should definitely get love tattoos.
Of course, finding the right design is pretty difficult. To make this task easier, I am going to lay down some of the most popular types of tattoos meant for couples. Once you decide which of them you like most, you can narrow down the search and make it all quicker. So first o all there are heart tattoos – the living classic of all the love tattoos. Then there are lock and key tattoos for those who want something more original and creative. The other cool options include quotes and verses, portraits, wedding bands and lovebirds. Have you already decided which of them you prefer? Then go ahead and check out our gallery!