Henna tattoos

Thanks for choosing this gallery of henna tattoos! Getting a real permanent tattoo is a big commitment. Human kind is not particularly famous for its stability. As we grow and go through different phases of our lives, our personality develops and changes. Thus some of the things you have believed in a few years ago might seem stupid for you now, and I bet there are a few musicians that you used to love and can no longer stand.
Here is another example: I bet you have been in a situation where you want something really badly, but as soon as you get it you realize that you never needed it in the first place! See, this is the problem with permanent tattoos. Upon facing the needle, everyone think they really, and I mean REALLY want that exact design on that exact spot, and yet the business of laser tattoo removal is thriving… Doesn’t that say a lot? This is why henna tattoos are so great. They are completely safe and fade away in 2-4 weeks, giving you enough time to enjoy your body art and yet not forcing you to make a commitment that you are not ready for.
In cultures that use henna tattoos as part of a ritual, each of their designs carry a special meaning. However, in the Western world where they are used as a simple form of body art the designs of this kind of tattoos are not restricted by any rules. So if you want to have 100% original tattoo, you can create one all by yourself! When I am dealing with this task, I like to start with one shape (for example a circle) and then continue painting ornaments from the centre. Of course, designing henna tattoos is just my hobby, but that’s how many professional do it too!
Now if you do not feel like creating a design by yourself, you can go and check out our gallery of henna tattoos! I am sure you will find something worth your attention in it. But before you go ahead and do that, I would like to warn you: black tattoos are not actually made using natural henna paste. There are some chemicals used to create black color, so they are not that safe. However, that does not mean that you can’t use black designs as an inspiration for your henna tattoos!