Heart tattoos

Although some people say that heart tattoos are pretty banal, they are still very popular and it is not that difficult to understand why. As for one reason, love is arguably the strongest of emotions that any of us could feel. And I am not talking about the romantic kind of love only. There is hardly anything as stable as our love for the closest friends and there is nothing as hard to destroy as love between family members – parents, kids and siblings. No matter what they do, we love them all the same. Even if at the moment of fury we think we do not.
As there are different kinds of love, so there are different kinds of heart tattoos. Romantic heart tattoos are meant to express one’s love, commitment and passion for another person. At one point in time this kind of designs was extremely popular among the sailors. Combined with a name, they served as a daily reminder that miles away there is a woman waiting for her man to return home safely and missing him more than anything in the world.
As for the day, romantic heart tattoos are extremely popular among couples. I bet you have seen a classic picture of a burning heart, also known as a Valentine’s Day heart. In many cases they are also combined with names, but I do not think that this is a great decision to do that. In my personal opinion a heart tattoo with no name added to it is perfectly enough to express your emotion and to remind you of your beloved one every day. Plus, it is way less risky: even if your current relationship does not work out, you can still wear a tattoo as a symbol of love in general. Of course, this decision is up to you and your partner only. But I suggest that before making this kind of commitment as adding names or just initials to your tattoo design, you should at least make sure that you have enough passion to keep that relationship flame.
As I have already mentioned, heart tattoos are not for lovers only. You could make one in honor of your mother or friend. By the way, hearts make perfect memorial tattoos, especially when combined with a black ribbon or three letters – R.I.P. You will get more ideas once you look at our gallery, so just go ahead and do it!