Girl tattoos

Thanks for choosing this gallery of girl tattoos! If you landed on this website, I guess you are planning on getting some sort of picture inked on your skin, but cannot decide what kind of picture it should be exactly. Don’t worry, you might not have all the answers yet, but I am pretty sure that you will find them on this website. What we have here is the most beautiful and inspiring tattoos for girls. Some of them are rather stereotypically feminine, like butterflies and lily lowers, while the others are a bit more edgy. To sum it up, there are all sorts and styles of girl tattoos, so no matter what is your personal taste and expectations, I believe you will find something that meets all of your requirements.
Now before you start looking, I have a couple more things to say. First of all, I guess you have been wondering what kind of girl tattoos men like most. I am not assuming that this is extremely important to you – god knows I hope it is not, because it is you, not some guy who is going to live with that tattoo for the rest of life. I am just saying that this is the kind of question that raises curiosity! Now honestly, you really don’t want to hear an answer? I bet you do… So here we go.
This might sound a bit banal, but one of the tattoo designs that men love seeing on their women are those with roses. Say what you want, but you have to admit that rose has a special place among flowers – it symbolizes love, passion, dignity and variety of other beautiful, as well as noble things. And just like in real life, roses in tattoos are extremely feminine, elegant and graceful. So I guess it is not particularly surprising that men love women with rose tattoos.
Another type of girl tattoos that could surely win you some compliments includes stars as the central element. Again, it is not difficult to understand why: there is hardly anything more beautiful and mysterious as the starry night… Maybe just a woman with a starry tattoo. Cherries, dragons and Chinese symbols – they all look great on the female skin too. Or at least that’s what the men say! Now excuse me for repeating, but these facts are not supposed to guide your decision. Look through our girl tattoos gallery and pick any design you like!