Funny tattoos

Thanks for choosing this gallery of funny tattoos! If you are planning on getting a funny tattoo, you really have to think it through carefully. On the one hand, getting an original witty tattoo with a healthy pinch of weirdness is a great way to demonstrate your attitude on life. This kind of designs shows that you are a free spirited man who is not afraid to experiment and to give the others a reason to laugh at you. The kind of man that does not try to get the approval from other people, but makes the rest want to get an approval from him (although unintentionally). Just think about it: does something say “this person can think out of the box” as funny tattoos picturing unicorns with military epaulets on their shoulders, riding through the storm on skateboards or bananas eating the monkeys does? I don’t think so…
On the other hand, funny tattoos are something you could really grow to regret. What seems like a hilarious joke ten shots into the night might appear to be an awful mistake the next morning. Not only it could become an embarrassment for yourself, a poorly chosen “funny” design could actually become a major obstacle in your career if it is placed on a visible spot. It is no secret that a considerable part of CEOs and other sorts of bosses frown up upon tattoos even when they are absolutely innocent or do not have any clear meaning at all. Needless to say, a vulgar tattoo (for example, I have once seen a design that is a clear tribute to the notorious video “2 Girls 1 Cup”), could get you into a trouble way bigger than some frowns and sneers. Surely, this kind of mistakes is possible to fix: you can always get a laser treatment. But let me warn you right now that this fix is painful, really not budget-friendly and worst of all, not always effective.
So what is our point? Are we suggesting that you should not even look at funny tattoos? Not at all! All we are trying to say is that you should really give it some thought to choose a right design and not make any rash decisions. Pick several tattoos you like and sleep on it. In the end, consult your friends: if you are about to make a serious mistake, they might point it out before it is too late.