Flower tattoos

Some people say that flower tattoos are banal, because they are quite common. But just think about it: why did they become so common on the first place? The answer is pretty simple: because it is definitely one of the most beautiful and meaningful forms of body art. Blooming with colors or designed in a graceful black and gray fine-line style, they are always full of emotions and speak strait to the heart. Flower tattoos are full of elegance, sweet promises, nostalgia and hope. They have a scent of an innocence of a child and this is exactly what most of us miss in this world of rush, endless competition and chaos. This kind of tattoos whisper different stories, depending on what kind of flower they depict. So if you want to be really satisfied with your choice for years to come, you should learn to read the messages they send before making the final choice.
Lotus can be seen in many flower tattoos. Its wonderful blooms have been praised by various civilizations hundreds of years before we were born. Eastern peoples saw it as the fairest of flowers and regarded it with enormous respect. As you know, it is believed that lotuses blossomed wherever Buddha has stepped his feet. Egyptians paid tributes to this flower too. You might also consider choosing a tattoo design that depicts lilies. From Biblical times to our days these flowers are regarded as the symbol of purity.
If joy and peace are the most important things in your life, daisy tattoo is a tattoo to do for you. These flowers were praised in medieval times and remained popular to our days. Maybe that’s because they represent children and it is said that along with running water and flame they are the only things that we never get tired of watching. Are you a bit childish too? Is your spirit free and full of curiosity? Are you keen on learning and getting to know the world? If so, I honesty recommend you to pick daisies. Are you looking for something different? Then how about cherry blossom tattoos? It is hardly possible to imagine something as beautiful and breathtaking as these trees in the spring. In China they symbolize love, meanwhile Japanese culture pay it honors for the fragility of its blooms. So if you want a flower tattoo that would always remind you to cherish the present, because life is short, you should really consider cherry designs.