Fairy tattoos

Thanks for choosing this gallery of fairy tattoos. Fairies feature in myths and legends of nearly all European countries. These beings, often described as supernatural, metaphysical or preternatural, have also entered the popular culture (just think about the Disney’s Tinkerbelle)! They also feature in variety of tattoo designs. Now if you are reading these lines, I suppose that you are thinking about getting an image of some sort of fairy inked on your skin. I bet I won’t be the first person to tell you that you are about to take quite a big step. However, unlike some of the other people I am not going to try to talk you out of this. In my opinion fairy tattoos are actually extremely feminine, elegant and beautiful so you are not making a mistake here.
I just think that before you sit down in the tattoo studio you should learn everything there is to know about fairy tattoos. That is, you should know their symbolic meaning. So where do we start? First of all, you should keep in mind that in most movies and books fairies are the personifications of human hopes and wishes. These little supernatural beings with magical powers come into the lives of people when they are most needed and helps them to find happiness. I guess the classic example of this kind of character that we all know is a fairy from Cinderella – if it was not for her, the poor girl would have remained with her evil sisters and mother in law for ages! So what is the meaning of fairy tattoos derived from this sort of fairytales? They symbolize hope and that little supernatural intervention that we all wish for when we feel like we cannot deal with our problems on our own.
The kind of designs we are talking about can also represent belief in destiny. Our lives are full of unpredictable disappointments and gifts, and we can never know what is waiting for us behind the corner. But if we want to be happy in life we must learn to believe that one way or another, sooner or later, the path of life (and all the obstacles we meet while travelling it) will lead us to happiness, to the place where we actually belong. Fairy tattoos can help you to maintain your faith in destiny, by serving as daily reminders of it. Now check out our gallery to find the design that meets your requirements!