Egyptian tattoos

Thanks for choosing this gallery of Egyptian tattoos! There is something about ancient Egyptian culture that makes it just irresistible and grabs our imagination. I remember when I was a kid, me and three of my best friends all wanted to be archeologists, just because we though this profession opens the gates into the pyramids, tombs of pharaohs and their forgotten temples. As years went by, we realized that things do not work that way and chose other professions that are more likely to help us pay the rent. However, my fascination with ancient Egyptian culture did not go anywhere. This is why as soon as I was old enough I got a couple of Egyptian tattoos!
Although it seems like nowadays the internet can offer you whatever you want (and some things you wish you have never seen ), I must say that I have spent hell a lot of time looking for cool designs that I would be proud to wear. While doing the research, I have collected an extensive gallery of Egyptian tattoos. Than just recently it hit me: why don’t I share my pictures on the internet, to help people who are currently dealing with the problem that I have faced a couple of months ago? So below on this window you will find my whole gallery. I hope you will enjoy it! But before you start looking, I would like to say a few things…
I know that the kind of tattoos that we are talking about is really trendy, funky and good lucking. Thus many people end up with one, without even knowing a thing about Egyptian symbols. I think this is the mistake you should not make, so let me introduce you with some of the most common of them. So first of all there is an ankh. This is a simple symbol, so it looks great even in a small scale and can be placed anywhere you want. The ankh represents the key of life in ancient Egyptian culture. As in reality the source of all the life in the region was Nile, it can also represent this river. The other popular symbols that appears in plenty of Egyptian tattoos are Udjat (the symbol of healing and protection), the Shen (symbolizing infinity) and cats (symbolizing fertility). You will find these and plenty of other symbols in our gallery, so go ahead and check it out!