Eagle tattoos

Thanks for choosing this gallery of eagle tattoos! There is a reason why humanity is so fascinated with these huge and powerful birds. Whenever we see an eagle soaring through the sky, it seems like it owns the space above us; it seems like this bird is the king of the skies and this is mostly true: there is no other bird that big and yet capable of flying (emu and similar big birds are held by their weight on the ground).
It is also said that each time by taking a flight eagles are teaching us a lesson (or at least they do if we are willing to learn): they are showing us how important it is to concentrate, to conserve our energy and to use it for the best. The fast and furious flight of this magnificent bird teaches us to be focused on maximum results and not to let our energy go for waist. If you believe that this is one of the most important lessons to learn in life, eagle tattoos are just for you. Why? Unfortunately, it is not always enough for us to know the truth, to be capable of using it as a real guidance in our lives. We need daily reminders, somebody or something that would serve as a daily reminder of the simple truths must we must not forget and a permanent symbols on our skins surely do this trick.
An eagle is a powerful symbol in variety of cultures and in different parts of the world it has different meanings. In America it is a symbol of freedom. When you see an eagle soaring in the sky it rightly seems like nothing can stop it or hold it down. Thus eagle tattoos are actually great for everybody whose spirit is always longing for wider horizons, for the ones who never obey. Do you remember the lyrics of one of the greatest songs ever, Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd? It goes like this: “Did they get you to trade/ Your heroes for ghosts? (…) And did you exchange/ A walk on part in the war / For a lead role in a cage?”. If your sincere answer to both of these questions is “no”, than the eagle is a symbol that truly represents your spirit and I do not doubt that you will enjoy looking through our gallery of eagle tattoos!