Crown tattoos

Thanks for choosing this gallery of crown tattoos! As we all know, crowns are headgears worn by monarch all over the word. And unlike most politicians of our days, royal families are still trusted and admired in their countries (well at least some of them). Just think how many admirers Kate Middleton, Prince William and their adorable little sun have! If you are the admirer of a particular royal family too, crown tattoos might be a pretty good option for you.
I must also note that a crown is much more than a symbol of royal family. It symbolizes power (although in modern-day Europe monarchs do not play a significant role and usually just represent their countries on official lever, back in a day they had almost an absolute power over the citizens), triumph and victory (again, back in the day royalties engaged in wars almost annually trying to expend their territories or just to increase their wealth), as well as superiority.
Crown tattoos might also symbolize legitimacy and connection with God. As you might know, in the past it was widely believed that the king or emperor receives his power to rule from God himself (the pope used to serve as an intermediary in this case, handing the crown), thus his rule is absolutely legitimate. Plus, it was believed that God always keeps an eye and communicates with his powerful servants.
The kind of tattoos that we are talking about can also be viewed as the representation of honor and righteousness. Although history teaches as that not all the monarchs had these qualities (quite to the contrary, many of them were brutal and careless), a king was always expected to keep his word and to place his honor above everything else. So if these virtues are extremely important in your life, maybe you should consider choosing a design that depicts a crown.
Now let’s talk about the placement. As nearly every other symmetric tattoo design, crown tattoos look really great on the neck and the upper part of the back. Another popular spot is the inner side of the wrist, because it is always visible for the tattoo owner, but not so noticeable for others. Before you go ahead and start looking at our gallery, let me tell you one more thing: crown tattoos look really great when combined with other symbols, so do not be afraid to experiment!