Cross tattoos

It seems like cross tattoos are still one of the most popular choices both among men and women. Some choose them to express their faith or other believes, while the others just consider it stylish. Although today cross is mostly associated with Christianity, it has been present since the Ice Age and can bear variety of meanings. Cross tattoo might be a symbol of Father and Mother nature, representing their unity with two crossing lines. It might also be interpreted as a symbol of life and death, or the visual representation of rising and setting sun.
If the meaning you attribute to the tattoo is religious, you should consider three types of cross tattoos. First of all, there is “classical” Christian cross. In designs this type is more common than any other. This symbol that represents the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is equally popular both among male and female. Second, there is Saint Luke’s Cross introduced by Saint Patrick. As a rule, it is more ornate than the classic one and has a circle around the center, representing an eternal love, earth and heaven. Crucifix tattoos, portraying crucified Christ, are also quite popular among those who adhere to Orthodox, Catholic and Eastern Catholic churches. The last of crosses that I am going to discuss in this article is Egyptian Ankh. As you might know, it has barely anything to do with Christianity and is portrayed as a cross with a loop at the top. In ancient Egypt it symbolized fertility and life.
Choosing a particular design is not the only task that is waiting for you. It is also important to choose the right spot to place your tattoo. When the cross design is chosen due to religious believes, it is logical to place it somewhere where a person could actually see it every day (and not only when taking a bath or going to sleep). This way a tattoo can provide his owner with peace and comfort whenever he feels in need. Of course, a tattoo that is obvious for everyone might become an obstacle in your career. If you worried about that, you might consider choosing a spot on your hand, just a bit above your elbow: this way all you will have to do to see it is roll up the sleeve. You will solve the placing dilemma later, now go ahead and check out our gallery of cross tattoos!