Celebrity tattoos

Thanks for choosing this gallery of celebrity tattoos! Choosing the perfect tattoo design is every bit as important as it is difficult. If you have already shared your plans with family and friends, I guess at least some of them have tried to talk you out of this decision by noting that the tattoo is going to stick with you for the rest of your life, even when you are a gray and cranky grandpa/grandma. Honestly, I don’t think this is a very solid argument. As for one reason, there is no such rule that claims each and every person grows to regret the decisions he has made while still young: I know quite a few people who still rock in their 50s and love their tattoos just like the day they got them. Second, technically it is possible to get the tattoo removed.
On the other hand, we have to admit that laser treatment is very pricy, painful and not 100% effective. That’s why it is so important to choose the right design. And how are you supposed to do it? One of the ways is to look for inspiration among the celebrity tattoos. If you have some famous people that you admire, it is likely that they have already come up with a design that would be perfect for you too. Now here are a few examples of the most famous celebrity tattoos. ..
It is no secret that Angelina Jolie has a really good taste and this applies for her tattoo choices. This actress has a picture of entwined Asian dragon and tiger –an extremely sexy and sensual tattoo – on her lower back. On her left hand there is a quote that belongs to Tennessee Williams: “A prayer for the wild heart, kept in cages”. Rihanna, one of the most popular singers in today’s pop scene, has found some pretty good tattoo designs too. I guess the most famous of them are “Shhh” tattoo on her finger, Pisces astrological sign spotted right behind her ear, a falcon above her foot and the word “Love” (this one is not quite original…). I also know quite a few people who adore Lady Gaga tattoos: an anchor, a unicorn on the tight and variety of flower tattoos.
Now enough of reading! Go ahead and check out our gallery of celebrity tattoos! I am sure it will give you some really great ideas!