Aztec tattoos

Thanks for choosing this gallery of Aztec tattoos. As you might know, Aztec people were the ethnic groups that lived in central Mexico (as well as in the region around this area) and spoke Nahuatl language. Their culture has thrived from 14th to the 16th centuries and left us some amazing architectural and sacral monuments that still attract travelers from all over the world. Before you go on and start looking at Aztec tattoos, you might want to learn an interesting legend surrounding the origins of this ethnic group or to be more accurate, the constellation of groups.
The ancient Nahuatl word aztecah means “people from Aztlan” a mythological place that was believed to be the homeland of Aztec people. According to the legend, first there were seven caves, home for seven different tribes all speaking the language similar to Nahuatl. As the years went by and the tribes grew in numbers generation after generation, they moved out of the caves and settled near the place called Aztlan. Eventually adherence to this living territory came to define the whole group of people.
Now in order to understand the rich symbolism of Aztec tattoos you must know a little about their rich culture. First of all, you must keep in mind that Aztec were the worshipers of the Sun. This star was the central figure not only in their calendars, bat also in their daily works and spiritual lives. Then again, this does not make Aztec people fall out of context: there are many ancient tribes that worshiped sun as the greatest and most powerful of all the deities. Eagle is yet another important figure in Aztec symbolism and just like the sun it appears in variety of Aztec tattoo designs. As you might already know, this majestic bird was paid honor by various tribes all over the world. It symbolized freedom, ability to concentrate ones energy to pursue the goal (if you have ever seen an eagle grabbing his prayer, you will understand why), victory and great vision (not only literary, but also in metaphysical sense)
The tattoo designs typical for the tribes of central Mexico also featured motifs of various local plants and animals. This is because Aztec people believed all the nature to be sacred. Another graphic element central for their art was God’s eye. But enough of reading! You will learn more about Aztec tattoos by looking through our gallery!