Angel tattoos

Thanks for choosing this gallery of angel tattoos. Although religion no longer plays such an important role in our daily lives as it did a century ago, many people still believe that angels live amongst us. Some say that we meet them as human beings, who help us through the roughest part of the path. The others claim that angels are unapproachable by or senses, such as vision, hearing or smell, but we can feel their presence: they visit us in a form of peace, calmness and joy. It is said that angel tattoos can help you communicate with your guardian angel on the spiritual level, because they serve as a daily reminder that this supernatural being is watching over you.
Of course, you don’t have to be religious to get this kind of tattoo. After all, traditional angel is a wonderful symbol of purity, selflessness and loyalty. There is also symbolism of the dark angels, who might represent the power of temptation and variety of other things. In fact, there are so many types and styles of angels and angel tattoos that an average person finds it difficult to orientate among them. To help you get the basic understanding, we are going to describe three most popular types of angelic tattoo designs.
So the first category is characterized by the faces of cherubs. Full of innocence and beauty, they make perfect tattoos to express love for your own children. If combined with wings, bow and arrows, cherub faces represent love. Although generally I do not recommend people getting love-name tattoos (cause even if you think that your love for a certain person is going to last forever, you should remember that forever is a hell of a long time…), I must note that they look great along with cupids.
Another type of tattoos you might consider includes wings and verses. In this case quotations from the bible or other scripts serve to heighten your tattoo’s meaning. Wings would look great on your back (cause that’s where they are supposed to be), but if you want the tattoo to be more visible on the daily bases, other spots will do the trick too (for example the inner side of your wrist). The last but not the least of types of angel tattoos that I am going to mention today features the portraits of these supernatural beings. Now that you know these three basic types, you are good to go and check out our gallery!