Anchor tattoos

Anchor tattoos are the living classic. They are just as popular today as they were a hundred of years ago and they are equally popular among men and women, those who belong to our generation and the generation before us. But did you know how anchor tattoos came into existence? I bet you think they have entered the popular culture right from the ships that sail into the sea, but this is actually pretty far from truth.
I guess this popular misconception came from the movies and animated series. But in reality long before this kind of tattoos became popular among sailors they were worn with pride by Christians. Back then they were depicted much like the cross and served as a discreet representation of one’s faith. So if you want something that would remind you of God’s presence and give you strength every day, but do not fancy getting a traditional cross inked on your skin, anchor tattoo might be a perfect option for you.
As I have already mentioned, it was a little bit later that anchor tattoos became popular among sailors. To this day they are popular among the men who love and miss the sea. However, sailors are not the only ones who choose this kind of designs. They are also popular among couples who want to express their love and loyalty for each other. This might seem a bit strange from the first sight, but not if you know the symbolic meaning of an anchor: it represents stability and commitment – two (but not the only two) things we all want in a relationship. And I think you would agree that matching anchors make a way better couple tattoo then names and hearts. As about name tattoos, they are pretty risky: we all hope that the loving relationship we are in would last forever, but we never know whether it will. And if it does not work out, name tattoo becomes extremely painful to see every day. As about hearts… Well there is nothing intrinsically wrong with them. I just think that this is a pretty banal way to express your love.
One more tip before you go ahead and start browsing our gallery of anchor tattoos: although bicep is a classical spot for this kind of design, the inner side of the wrist could work even better. If you place your tattoo on your wrist, you will be able to see it whenever you want!