Ambigram tattoos

Thanks for choosing this gallery of ambigram tattoos! If you landed on this website, I suppose you are planning on visiting a tattoo studio. Well congratulations on that! There are many people who dream about getting a tattoo for years and never find courage to do it. However, I do not recommend you to be too bold about it. This should not be “I want a beer – I’ll grab a beer” sort of decision. In a strict sense, this would not be a decision at all! Just some emotional impulse turned into an action… And I am not saying that you would over-think every single step you take in life. But getting tattoos, including ambigram tattoos, should not be an action based on a passing impulse.
I bet this is not the first time you are hearing arguments supporting the claim that getting a tattoo is a risky decision, so excuse me for making you go through it once again, but I just want you to make an informed decision. Some people say that nowadays getting a tattoo is not much different from getting a new accessory, because of the modern technologies that allow us to remove it. However, it is not that simple. Laser treatment is a quite effective means to get rid of unwanted permanent ink paintings, but it is neither pain-free nor free. In fact, it is quite pricy and not everybody can afford it. So before you sit in a chair at the tattoo studio, make sure you really want that exact design in that exact spot OR have a pile of money to cover the removal (as well as the stock of whiskey or painkillers to help you get through the process).
Have you already taken all the drawbacks, as well as benefits, into account and you still want an ambigram tattoo? Have you wanted it for a long time? Well if this is the case, you should definitely get one. But not before getting to know what makes this kind of designs special, of course… Ambigram tattoos are different from all the others in one particular way. That is, they can be read from different angles, different perspectives and still have a meaning. This meaning could be exactly the same or vary, depending on the design. For example, the word “ambigram” itself can be easily written in such a way that it would look exactly the same reading upside down. You will find more examples in our gallery of ambigram tattoos!