3D tattoos

So you have finally found the courage to get the tattoo you have always wanted and now you are no longer sure what kind of design to choose? Don’t worry, this happens to most people. Once the day you agreed to meet the tattoo artist starts getting really close, you start doubting everything and everyone. Although the storm of thoughts in your head might not be particularly pleasant, it is better to have some doubts and to think twice before you make the final decision, than to regret it for the rest of your life. What you will need to make the right choice is information about each of the most popular tattoo styles.
But really great hyper realistic 3D tattoos are actually more than this. The most talented tattoo masters combine the art of painting and the art of illusion making to come up with something really jaw-dropping, their ink paintings seem to jump off the skin or to be embedded in it. In some cases this might be something as simple as a pen behind the year, but if it is done with both talent and skill you will be unable to take your eyes out of it. My personal favorite portrays the blue sky with birds in it sowing through the skin, which is broken like a wall of clay. But it is better to see once than to be told 10 times, so go ahead and check out our gallery!